*Friday & Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons*


Band Lineup 2018: Now showing March through July

Friday, March 2nd: Wade Hatton Band
Saturday, March 3rd: Les Moore Band
Sunday, March 4th: Brett Watts

Friday, March 9th: Strum n Drum
Saturday, March 10th: Aurora Bleu
Sunday, March 11th: Preston Scott

Saturday, March 17th: St: Les Moore Band
Sunday, March 18th: Doc Wesson

Friday, March 23rd: Wade Hatton Band
Saturday, March 24th: After 6
Sunday, March 25th: Brett Watts

Friday, March 30th: Aurora Bleu
Saturday, March 31st: Bryan Lucas Band

Friday, April 6th: Strum n Drum
Saturday, April 7th: Bryan Lucas Band
Sunday, April 8th: Doc Wesson

Friday, April 13th: Just in Tyme
Saturday, April 14th: Johnny & the Jets
Sunday, April 15th: Steve Hill & Cadillac Johnson

Friday, April 20th: Bryan Lucas Band
Saturday, April 21st: Cherry Bomb
Sunday, April 22nd: After 6 Trio

Friday, April 27th: Aurora Bleu
Saturday, April 28th: Always the Alibi
Sunday, April 29th: Preston Scott

Friday, May 4th: Rewind Party Band
Saturday, May 5th: Aurora Bleu
Sunday, May 6th: Diamondback

Friday, May 11th: Wesley Pruitt Duo
Saturday, May 12th: Strum n Drum
Sunday, May 13th: Preston Scott

Friday, May 18th: Jason Herrin Band
Saturday, May 19th: Johnny & the Jets
Sunday, May 20th: Jason Herrin

Friday, May 25th: Aurora Bleu
Saturday, May 26th: Shades of Gray
Sunday, May 27th: Doc Wesson

Saturday, June 2nd: Always the Alibi
Sunday, June 3rd: Diamondback Trio

Saturday, June 9th: Aurora Bleu
Sunday, June 10th: Jason Herrin

Friday, June 15th: Strum n Drum
Saturday, June 16th: Bryan Lucas Band
Sunday, June 17th: Doc Wesson

Friday, June 22nd: Wesley Pruitt
Saturday, June 23rd: Diamondback
Sunday, June 24th: Preston Scott

Friday, June 29th: After 6
Saturday, June 30th: Aurora Bleu

Sunday, July 1st: Preston Scott

Friday, July 6th: Strum n Drum
Saturday, July 7th: Shades of Gray
Sunday, July 8th: Steve Hill & Cadillac Johnson

Friday, July 13th: Bryan Lucas Band
Saturday, July 14th: Aurora Bleu
Sunday, July 15th: After 6

Sunday, July 22nd: Doc Wesson

Friday, July 27th: Aurora Bleu
Sunday, July 29th: Half Time